We know how challenging it can be for large corporations to run an effective IP operation. The increasing importance of innovation to commercial success has seen the profile of the in-house IP function – and demands for its expertise – steadily rise.

Against this backdrop, our attorneys have developed varied and effective working relationships with our in-house clients in many disciplines. Varied because no two IP departments are the same. Effective because we are unusually well-integrated with our clients’ team and work side by side to pursue their commercial objectives. The result is advice that is always informed by our understanding of a client’s strategic and commercial needs.  

And being responsive and approachable is as important as being good attorneys. We work on the basis that if a matter is on our desk you want to be sure it is being dealt with. If it is back on your desk it is in the form of clear advice from us. It’s an approach that’s helped us to build some extremely strong relationships in the UK, continental Europe and further afield that have stood the test of time.

As an example of our approach in action, a major US aerospace company came to us in part because of our reputation in European patent opposition work. They had a clear vision of what they wanted and we developed procedures that enabled our teams to collaborate in a way that worked for them. Seeing our role as ‘virtual’ in-house counsel, we got to know their patent business and became a key partner in Europe because we were able to deliver against their clear objectives. We now handle European originating work as well as a large part of their US originating work coming into Europe.  

Another example is a UK based design and manufacturing company that recognised its need for an IP function but knew it had to create one from scratch that would suit its particular needs. Our solution was to work with them to develop a system for a highly innovative group with little experience of IP but the capacity to learn – fast. We provided guidance and advice and have now worked for some time as part of their decision-making team.

However complex the IP issues on your desk, we would be pleased to spend some time discussing how our approach could benefit your organisation – start by meeting our team.

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How to get a European Patent in Moldova

As of 1 November 2015, it is possible for patent applicants to extend the scope of protection of their European patent to the Republic of Moldova.

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