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Start-ups and Spin-outs

With innovation firmly on the agenda as a key economic driver, more and more companies are looking to their IP as a foundation for growth.  Whether a start-up or spin-out, or a well established company new to IP, a coherent strategy is vital. And however innovative the strategy, it must be underpinned by structured processes for IP audit, capture and portfolio management. 

Over the years we have developed a wide variety of IP strategies for businesses of many different sizes and types, tailoring them to fit each client’s scale and resources, culture and direction.  We concentrate on simplicity, achievability and scalability. And we never lose sight of the fact that it’s the role of IP to support the business goals, rather than the other way round, whether it be building a portfolio to generate funding, prepare for a sale or become more competitive.

Key examples of this approach include our work with a university spin-out which began with a few engineers. Here we built simple resources and processes to capture IP and simplify decision-making. These resources and processes have been scaled as the company grew and it now has its own in-house department (we understand that part of our role can be to do ourselves out of a job). Another project has seen us advising a well-known high street institution involved in developing new IT solutions. We worked alongside their in-house innovation team to develop processes scalable across a multi-national environment and structured to achieve management buy-in. 

Typically the process begins with meetings to identify and understand the IP goals of the business and to write a simple, all-encompassing IP strategy.  Then we use tried and trusted techniques or create new bespoke approaches, always with an eye on cost-effectiveness from the start.

Whatever your organisation and the IP challenges it faces, we would be delighted to spend some time talking about how we can help – start by meeting a member of our team.

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