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A moment of clarity through the haze – EU trade marks to be transposed onto the UK register automatically and for free


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Brexit: what it means for Intellectual Property


Ahead of the UK and EU returning to the negotiating tables at the end of June 2018 in Brussels, we assess the current prospects for EU/UK IP rights holders.

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Updated LexisNexis Practice Note - 'Managing a trade mark portfolio’


This Practice Note provides strategic and practical advice on managing a trade mark portfolio. It covers the issues to take into account when setting up the portfolio and best practice for maintaining it, including advice on management issues such as: dealing with deadlines; renewals; and budgeting.

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5 ways to cut through the red tape at the European Patent Office


Sometimes you want to speed things up, sometimes you want to slow things down. Sometimes you want to reduce the official paper trail while putting yourself in a better position to obtain the scope that you want. Here we look at ways of simplifying patent prosecution at the EPO to reduce the back and forth with examiners and get patent applications through the system. These can save money from reduced renewal fees on pending applications as well as through the minimising the number of office action responses to get your application to grant.

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Gwilym Roberts writes on how the internet is changing IP law


Gwilym Roberts gives his view of the recent Canadian case, Google v Equustek, which raises a wide range of jurisdictional issues for IP and tech lawyers.

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Alice in Wonderland? Why the Federal Circuit’s latest struggles with the US Alice decision could have a positive impact in Europe


It is becoming a rare occurrence to see the Federal Circuit reverse a district court’s patent-eligibility holding, but in Visual Memory LLC v NVIDIA Corp. (Visual Memory) the Federal Circuit did just that.

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Actavis v Eli Lilly - what patent attorneys and examiners need to know


This infringement case is the UK's, and perhaps, Europe's biggest in 12 years. We thought about what attorneys and examiners need to learn from this - and how it could impact how to draft, get and grant a patent.

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A bump in the road, a fork in the path or a nail in the coffin? What exactly is happening with the UPC?


The year is 2012 and Christmas is approaching. In darkened rooms, desperate efforts are being made to resolve a debate that has been brewing for at least the past twelve months, and which threatens to completely derail a package of measures that have been more than 30 years in the making. At heart, there is an argument over the role of the CJEU in a new patent litigation framework. Can a compromise be found to satisfy all parties?

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Early Certainty at the EPO – our perspective


The EPO has introduced a number of changes to speed up prosecution and opposition proceedings - collectively known as ‘Early Certainty’ initiatives. Here, Gwilym Roberts and Victoria Barker consider the impact of these changes on EPO proceedings.

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The Unified Patent Court - to be or not to be


The UPC was thrown into considerable doubt by the referendum of the British people to leave the EU. The outlook seemed sunnier when the UK government announced its intention to ratify the UPC Agreement. However, the clouds are gathering again now that a general election has been called in the UK for 8 June 2017. Our Partner, Peter Hale has offered his insight on where we are now, what could possibly go wrong and what you should be doing now.

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