Industrial design rights: UK ratifies the Hague Agreement


The UK government has announced that, as of 13 June 2018, the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs will enter into force in the UK.

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Our patents team receive top-tier ranking by Managing IP


Kilburn & Strode is delighted to announce our top-tier ranking in UK patent prosecution by Managing IP’s IP Stars.

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How likely is Little Miss Inventor to be awarded a patent?


A new member will be joining the Mr Men and Little Miss series, and we couldn’t be happier with Adam Hargreaves’ choice of character. Little Miss Inventor, whose book is being released to coincide with international women’s day, is a female engineer and has been created as a “positive role model” for girls.

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Female inventors you need to know about


Most people might struggle if asked to name a female inventor or an invention made by a woman. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re looking at a selection of inventions that we simply couldn’t live without – and the brilliant women behind these.

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Strut of the drones: fireworks to fashion


Over the last few weeks drones have been swarming our headlines. From their role in opening and closing the Winter Olympics to strutting their stuff above the catwalk at the Milan Fashion Week, it is clear the drone industry is taking off in new and unexpected ways. This article explores the range of fields in which drones are used and draws on Intel and DJI, two notable companies in the sector, to track developments.

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Life Sciences and Chemistry team welcomes a new Associate


We are thrilled to welcome our new Associate, Jessica Smart, to our Life Sciences and Chemistry team. Jessica joins us as a lateral hire from a London based firm of patent attorneys.

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EPO patent practice update


On 8 December 2017, we attended a meeting that CIPA hosted with EPO Directors Alfred Spigarelli (Director Quality Management), John Beatty (Director Patent Procedures Management) and Niclas Morey (Principal Director User Support & Quality Management) to discuss a range of topics related to current practices and proposed developments at the EPO. The meeting was chaired by CIPA’s Patent Committee Chair, Tim Jackson.

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Should we bother with experts?


This article looks at how the European Patent Office (EPO) handles submissions from technical experts, and what contribution having a technical expert on your side really makes at the EPO.

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Six inventions that shaped the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics


With sub-zero temperatures, icy conditions and slick surfaces, technological innovation is essential to athletes, organisers and spectators of the Winter Olympics. Laurence Lai and Nico Cousens take a look at some of the many inventions that have revolutionised the Games.

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The latest CJEU referrals relating to SPCs – Article 3(a) still not clear?


Read our round up of the recent CJEU referrals regarding supplementary protection certificates (SPCs). In particular, the two referrals discussed relate to the particularly contentious Article 3(a) of the SPC regulation, requiring that the subject of an SPC must be “protected by a basic patent in force”.

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