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Industrial design rights: Russian Federation joins the Hague Agreement


WIPO has announced that, from 28 February 2018, the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs will enter into force in the Russian Federation.

The Hague Agreement provides a registration mechanism (managed by WIPO) that can be used for easy and cost-effective registration of a design for a number of states by a single application.

Despite having been in existence for over fifty years, the Hague Agreement has seen very limited use to date, possibly due to the limited jurisdictions for which it could be used to obtain protection. The Russian Federation’s accession to the Hague Agreement follows the US, Japan and South Korea’s accession in 2014-2015, the passing of legislation in 2014 to enable the UK to accede, and China’s indication in 2013 of its intention to accede. The EU is also a party to the Hague Agreement. As a result, Hague Agreement international design applications are becoming a much more appealing and important tool for those seeking design protection in multiple jurisdictions.

If you have any questions about obtaining design protection, and in particular about the Hague system, please contact Daniel Jarrett, Nick Noble, or a member of our Designs team.