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Top-tier in the UK for patent professionals


We have another excellent write-up in a leading directory this year, IAM Patent 1000. We are thrilled to once again be ranked top-tier in the UK for patent professionals.

A highlight for us was their acknowledgement of our patent attorneys, "who are not only incredibly intelligent but are also passionate and a pleasure to work with". Our partners have been listed as various industry specialists, namely, Gwilym Roberts, Alexander Korenberg, Kristina Cornish, Nick Bassil, Nick Lee, Jim Miller and Richard Howson. The write-up describes how our patent attorneys "have remarkable technical knowledge and experience acting for a broad range of rights holders". It points to just some of the ways our people have helped their clients innovate and grow in their industry, including our work on "cutting-edge" Sabre hypersonic/orbital launch engine, which currently "is the talk of the space sector"; and "patent applications concerning the revolutionary gene-editing technique CRISPR".

Once again, we are thrilled to be ranked top-tier in this independent publication and are committed to continuing to provide the same level of excellence recognised here in everything we do. Read our full write-up here.