Daniel joined Kilburn & Strode in September 2016 as a Technical Assistant in the Life Sciences and Chemistry group. He graduated with a first class MChem degree from the University of Reading in 2011, researching functional hydrogels for use in water purification. He then undertook a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, where he investigated the binding properties of self-assembling molecular containers.

Prior to joining Kilburn & Strode, Daniel spent a year working for a technology start-up in Cambridge, where he developed their grant funding strategy and obtained new government funds to support the business through its early growth.


PhD in Chemistry – University of Cambridge (2015)
MChem in Chemistry – University of Reading (2011)


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) - student member
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI) - student member
The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) - member

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