Harshad Barvé

Head of Business Process Improvement

Harshad is our head of business process improvement. He brings considerable experience looking at the way businesses work and helping them change to be more efficient and more customer focussed. 
With a masters in engineering and business administration, he spent his early years working on large oil tankers looking after the machinery and mapping out and maximising journey efficiencies. Following that, Harshad built on his engineering and shipping experience to work in financial operations and consulting in large companies including General Electric, Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG. His work in product innovation, process management, customer experience and business change took him to live and work in various countries and with different cultures. With roots in Mumbai, India and home in London, he has travelled extensively across Europe and has lived in Zurich, Dublin and Chicago.
Harshad has developed an expertise in various business improvement methods such as lean, six sigma and systems thinking.  As head of Business Process Improvement, he combines these to develop and deliver a strong methodology for Kilburn & Strode to improve what we do and how we do it. With a strategy of changing mindsets before processes, in his role he works across the firm thinking about our working practices and collaboratively developing new ones.
Harshad runs, cycles and swims regularly, and has also acquired a passion for skiing. He claims his marathon days are over and so tends to cycle everywhere he can, frequently clocking up over 150km every week. 

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