Ioana holds a PhD in Machine Learning applied to Medical Imaging at University College London (UCL). Her research focused on developing new machine learning based computational models for neuroimaging applications using magnetic resonance imaging. Ioana’s PhD is supported by a strong academic record in computer science and medical imaging. She has achieved distinctions in both her MRes (Medical Imaging) and MSc (Advanced Computer Science) degrees, winning the ‘Best Student’ award in the latter. Over the course of her academic career, Ioana has grown her passion for machine learning and developed a deep understanding of the topic across a wide variety of applications: pattern analysis and data mining for image recognition, time series analysis for astrophysics, genetic algorithms and nature inspired optimisation, pattern recognition in stock market data.

Ioana has a long standing interest in computer science and is familiar with multiple programming languages (Python, Matlab, Java and C/C++). Outside of her PhD, Ioana worked as a postgraduate teaching assistant for Machine Learning and Computational Modelling courses for masters students and as a machine learning researcher for a FinTech startup.

Since joining Kilburn & Strode, Ioana has worked on a wide range of AI and machine learning technologies related to life sciences: using AI to improve cardiovascular disease prediction onset, predicting disease outcome for patients suspected of suffering from COVID, deep learning for drug repurposing based on gene expression profiles, deep neural networks for determining abnormal cardiac activity, machine learning for medical image segmentation and acquisition; scalable AI models for healthcare.
Ioana joined Kilburn & Strode in September 2019 and is currently training to become a European and UK patent attorney in the Tech group.


PhD in Machine learning in Medical Imaging – University College London
MRes in Medical Imaging (Distinction) – University College London
MSc in Advanced Computer Science (Distinction) – The University of Birmingham


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) – student member
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI) - student member

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