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Victoria graduated from Durham University in  2020 with a first class honours in Physics (BSc). Her final year project involved the Adaptive Optics of ground-based telescopes, with a specific focus on the use of deformable mirror technologies to improve telescope resolution. As such, Victoria has a particular interest and understanding of optical technologies.
Whilst at university, Victoria also undertook a research project studying the transit light curves of extra solar planets – a project for which she won the Florence Nightingale Prize for Graphical Excellence.
Victoria joined Kilburn & Strode in September 2020 and is training to become a European and UK patent attorney in the Tech group.


BSc Physics (1st) – Durham University (2020)

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) - student member
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI) - student member (applied)

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