IP Foundry

Understanding and protecting intellectual property is key to your success.

IP Foundry is a resource library for inventors, start ups and those wanting to know more about safeguarding their IP.

There from day one

Embarking on the start-up journey is a challenge, and navigating the world of intellectual property can be a daunting task. We understand every decision matters, and IP is crucial to maximising the value proposition of the company from day one. We are committed to being there to support you from the start. Our attorneys are accustomed to being called upon by our start-up clients to devise commercially-focussed IP strategies that align with the objectives of the business.  This includes patent drafting and filing strategies, as well as IP education, invention capture, due diligence and portfolio management. Clients know all of this sets us apart, so they come to us for our commercially-minded, no-nonsense advice.

On your team

Collaborative to the core - we take great care in getting to know our clients, their businesses and their aspirations. Gaining that understanding and entering into a trusted partnership, we are perfectly positioned to provide creative and original solutions to any curveball that the start-up journey throws your way. In the dynamic world of start-ups, facing tricky questions from investors (or your Board) is inevitable. Our patent attorneys are not just legal experts; we have helped countless start-ups navigate challenging moments as a seamless part of the team.

Exit and beyond

Anticipating the future is a key element of successful start-up management. We are able to draw on our extensive experience to set up portfolios with an eye on your exit strategy and to provide insight on what potential acquirers in your sector are looking for. We go beyond merely safeguarding your intellectual property, but instead consistently offer tailored solutions for favourable positioning in your preparation for exit. Our work has been critical for our clients securing many millions in funding and the portfolios we build are regularly stress tested as part of due diligence carried out by some of the world’s leading venture capitalists.

Seamless technical and legal support

Whatever the sector, we have the expertise to protect and defend your IP. We not only understand the nuances of intellectual property but also possess a deep understanding of the underlying science and technology. This dual expertise allows us to provide seamless technical and legal support, bridging the gap between innovation and protection. We can safeguard your ideas with precision, grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles that drive your innovations.

We love a challenge

Since its birth over a century ago, the firm has evolved with the technologies we handle, recruiting technical specialists in emergent fields to keep at the frontiers of science, and constantly optimising our ways of working to deliver an efficient service to our clients. Our attorneys thrive on complexity, turning challenges into opportunities for your start-up to excel. With our breadth of technical and legal expertise, our clients rely on us to handle any and every challenge they face. Put us to the test; we would relish it.

A sound choice for both start-up enterprises and large, established companies.

- IAM 1000

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