European IP in the US

No more 6am conference calls

We are recognised in every respected independent legal ranking as one of Europe’s leading IP firms. Now, we've added another exciting chapter to our firm’s long relationship with innovation dating back to 1906. Our liaison offices reflect our commitment to reaching out to pioneering and disruptive companies in Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and across the United States to help them with their European IP interests.

The United States is home to some of the most globally successful and IP-rich companies. For these companies, understanding and navigating the global IP landscape is critical to their continued success and we aim to help them along.

Our east and west coast presence also reflect our response to the current changing times in the IP landscape; to stay ahead of the crowd and rethink the way not only we, but law firms, interact with clients.
With offices in London (HQ), Eindhoven, Hilversum, Rotterdam, Munich, and liaison offices in San Francisco and Boston, we’re the only firm to connect these centres for European IP with the pulse of Silicon Valley and the heartbeat of America’s hub for life sciences.

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