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Top of the class

Patents are commercial tools: their worth relies on covering an organisation's most important products and processes. We add value by using our knowledge of our clients’ businesses to get the focussed protection they need, using creative filing strategies to circumnavigate the prior art, rather than treating patent prosecution as an academic exercise. Our clients apply the successful outcomes we deliver in Europe to their global patent portfolios to give a cost-effective, streamlined and consistent approach for getting defensible protection worldwide. This commercially-driven approach is one of the many reasons we are consistently ranked in the top tier of European patent firms. Simply put, you will not find a better service anywhere else.

Integral to our clients’ business

We take great care in getting to know our clients, their businesses and their aspirations. We build bridges with them on every level, from paralegals to docketing staff, lead partners and IP counsel, to integrate ourselves with their ways of working. Gaining that understanding and entering into a trusted partnership, we are perfectly positioned to provide creative and original solutions when our clients are faced by even the biggest challenges and barriers. Clients know this sets us apart, so they come to us for our commercially-minded, no-nonsense advice. Why else would the world’s leading brands in aerospace, automotives and pharmaceuticals (just to name a few) choose us? Not to mention a growing number of U.S. clients who work with our U.S. liaison office in San Francisco, all within their own time zone.

We’re veterans of patent wars

The EPO’s contentious opposition procedure gives potential infringers an effective forum for knocking out their rivals’ recently granted patents across the whole of Europe in a single action. Faced with such an attack, our clients turn to us to defend their most valuable cases due to our strong track record in opposition and appeal proceedings. Knowing offence is often the best form of defence, our clients also unleash our extensive experience of the opposition procedure to attack their competitors’ patents, clearing the way for freedom to practice across the continent. We are called into action so regularly that we maintain offices close to the EPO’s sites in both Munich and The Hague to give our attorneys and clients a base for finalising their hearing battleplans.

We love a challenge

Since its birth over a century ago, the firm has evolved with the technologies we handle, recruiting technical specialists in emergent fields to keep at the frontiers of science, and constantly optimising our ways of working to deliver an efficient service to our clients. We keep our fingers on the pulses of European and UK case law, adapting creatively to landmark judgments – in which we are often involved – and updating our clients on best practices in our territory.  With our breadth of technical and legal expertise, our clients rely on us to handle any and every challenge they face. Put us to the test; we would relish it. 

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