A note from Gwilym Roberts, Chair

A note from Gwilym Roberts, Chair

We like to say we understand what our clients are going through, but never has it been truer than now! Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has flipped everyone’s worlds upside down, creating a driving need for us all, wherever we are, to keep healthy, both physically and mentally. We really hope things are going well for you and also want you know that we’re here when you need us.

For us, we’ve been staying productive, staying connected, and staying well.

On productivity, our ways of working haven’t changed at all, even though we’ve all had a sudden shift to full-on remote working. Our technology is supporting us, which is great, and there should be no noticeable effect on how we work. Luckily, we’ve been paperless and agile for over two years now. Every one of us, across all our locations, has a laptop and we’re well-practised in working remotely.

We are closely following any changes in requirements from the EPO, EUIPO, UK IPO and other sources, and we’ll let you know if and when those happen. We’re also working closely with our world-wide attorney network to ensure smooth and timely collaboration with them. Staying connected has actually been a simple change in location, not in mindset.

The human side is incredibly important too. It is an unsettling time and whatever level of isolation or distancing one is dealing with, it’s unprecedented. In our firm, we are prioritising working together to deal with the changes; we’re all looking after each other and helping those around us.

We’ve embraced moving our meetings and client events to video calls and checking in with each other by video, rather than just by phone. I’m proud at how quickly my colleagues have organised virtual happy hours, cooking classes, and exercise sessions. (You’re welcome to join some of those, as well!) We’re staying connected and staying well, albeit remotely.

We want to extend that to our external community too. We’ll be in touch through the normal course of work, naturally, but if you are feeling slightly disconnected – believe us, we get it – please do call your contact here for a chat. We’d enjoy it too!

Please keep an eye on our news & insights page or our homepage. We are working on some special content and alerts, along with the usual case law reviews and thought leadership that you expect.

We’re carrying on, as always, but just from new locations for now.

Please ask if you have any other questions or would just like to check in.

Our best wishes go to you, your families, and your friends. We hope everyone is staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during these unprecedented times.



P.S. Let me know how you’re staying productive, connected, and well at your organisation (and at home). I’m keen to hear your ideas and share them with our teams.

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