Kilburn & Strode feature in Healthcare Markets International: protecting cannabis IP

Kilburn & Strode feature in Healthcare Markets International: protecting cannabis IP

Cannabis is touted as a wonder-drug by many. Its effects on the human body are numerous and these approved therapies are the tip of the iceberg, and more will surely follow.
That’s why, in rapidly growing technical/commercial fields, there is often a land-grab to secure broad intellectual property rights and protect your market position long into the future. Inventions in the cannabis field, medicinal and beyond, are coming thick and fast and the number of European patent applications published over the last five years and mentioning the words ‘cannabis’ or ‘cannabinoids’ are exponentially increasing at present.
Clearly, there is increasing interest in protecting novel cannabis-based inventions. To help make sense of this recent trend, we have partnered with Healthcare Markets International – who deliver comprehensive, reliable and independent reporting on the full range of healthcare services around the world.
Read the full summary, as featured on the Healthcare Markets International website. Co-authored by James Snaith and Ben Scarfield, they look at:

  • What intellectual property rights are needed for the protection of cannabis-oriented businesses

  • A handy comparison of key aspects that you should know regarding cannabis IP laws in the US and Europe

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For advice on how to protect your cannabis-related inventions in Europe, please contact James Snaith or your usual Kilburn & Strode patent advisor.

If you are seeking more information for the difference between the two trade mark systems across the Atlantic and want to make an enquiry, please contact
 Ben Scarfield or your usual Kilburn & Strode trade mark advisor.


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