International Patent Litigation

International Patent Litigation
Globe Publishing have worked with a huge range of national IP and patent litigation specialists to put together this second edition review of practice in multiple jurisdictions around the world, and our Chairman Gwilym Roberts has been very proud to be invited to both contribute to the chapter on the EPO and be consulting editor. 

The insight we bring is highly relevant to this role – as a firm specialising in preparation and prosecution of patents, but always advising clients in relation to potential contentious matters, we know what the user must understand, and bringing this recognition to the book has helped create a work targeted at the non-litigation, specialist IP expert. 

The book itself is comprehensive and rigorously structured, dealing with common issues on a topic-by-topic basis for each country.  It can be dipped into on a per-country basis or read as a whole, and should be of use to a huge range of practitioners, from in-house attorneys to private practice experts, lawyers, barristers and CTOs. 

We were even luckier to get Sir Robin Jacob, probably the most high profile judge on the planet, to write a foreword and couldn’t put it better than he did by saying: “The head of global litigation in any major country should have a copy. So should global patent litigators. The authors (who are experienced game players in their own countries) are to be commended”. 

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