24 April 2023 - UPC sunrise: early signs

24 April 2023 - UPC sunrise: early signs

With system start locked into June 1 and the sunrise period in full swing, users are asking: what’s happened so far with opt out and UP take-up, what’s everyone else doing, and how much is it costing?  

Patent specialists Kilburn & Strode and IP Services provider RWS have teamed up to look at the decisions that businesses need to take and the market direction identifiable from the data so far – and there’s more data out there than you may think!  There’s still time to change where your business is headed, but it’s running out.

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Monday 24 April 2023


30 minutes


8.00am PDT | 11.00am EDT 
4.00pm BST | 5.00pm CEST


Virtual - Zoom

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