8 March 2022 - Patent Power Half Hour: Get ready for the UPC

8 March 2022 - Patent Power Half Hour: Get ready for the UPC

It’s finally happening! After years of uncertainty, the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent (UPC/UP) have been confirmed. The UPC is the biggest change to the European IP system in decades and there are actions that can be taken now to prepare for the system.

Join us for a punchy 30-minute session covering the very latest on the UP and UPC, in which we’ll cover:

  • Should applicants at the EPO file a request for unitary patent protection?

  • Should you opt-out your portfolio of national validations of granted European patents and/or SPCs from the UPC?

  • How will the existing systems be affected?

  • What actions should you be taking now to ensure you’re prepared for the changes?

EP edition - Click here to register
This concise 30-minute session, suitable for European practitioners, will discuss how the changes will affect European applicants, and will do a deep dive into the factors to consider when deciding how to navigate the UP/UPC to the benefit of your portfolio.

US edition - Click here to register
This concise 30-minute session, tailored for US practitioners, will discuss what the UP and UPC are, the costs and benefits of filing a request for grant of a UP and opting-out of the UPC, and the details your company or clients need to consider in order to navigate the changes for success in Europe.

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Make sure to visit our UPC hub to stay up to date. For questions, please contact your usual Kilburn & Strode advisor or marketing@kilburnstrode.com.

Visit our UPC hub.

About this series

Patent Power Half Hour is Kilburn & Strode’s information-packed, supercharged webinar series. All delivered in 30 minutes or less.

We hope you can join us! Please invite your teams.


Tuesday 8 March

4pm GMT | 5pm CET

For EP practitioners: Register here


1pm PST | 4pm EST

For US practitioners: Register here



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