21 March 2024 - Latest lessons from the EPO – 2023 case law review

21 March 2024 - Latest lessons from the EPO – 2023 case law review
We would love you to join us for a virtual event on Thursday 21 March as Kilburn & Strode’s patent experts reflect on some of the most influential case law that emerged from the EPO last year while identifying some key take-away practice points.

This year’s review includes:
  • “Will my oral proceedings be held by ViCo?” and “Is it possible to change format?”. We provide insights into the diverging practice among the Boards of Appeal, and our view on the likelihood of getting the format you want;
  • Almost a year on from “the plausibility referral” G2/21, we look at how the new test has been applied by the Boards, what (if anything) has changed in the wake of G2/21, and practical steps that parties can take to put themselves in the best position for winning their inventive step arguments; 
  • The landmark decision from the Enlarged Board in G1/22 on assessing an applicant’s entitlement to claim priority. We look at what has changed, what the new approach means in practice, and steps to take now as a patent proprietor and as an opponent; and
  • Don’t get caught out: from unclear functional terms to undisclosed disclaimers to electronic signatures on assignment documents, tune in for our round-up of pitfalls at the EPO.
We hope you can join us!

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