22 June 2023 - The Sustainability Challenge: IP - K&S Inclusive series

22 June 2023 - The Sustainability Challenge: IP - K&S Inclusive series

Kilburn & Strode is excited to host another event in our K&S Inclusive series. Please join us for The Sustainability Challenge: IP - K&S Inclusive series.

The environment has finally established itself as a key influencer in our day-to-day decision making. How is the climate crisis and the drive to sustainable living impacting businesses in the world of intellectual property (and is there an intersection with gender?).

We bring together a truly inspirational, international panel to explore the complex issues that sustainability brings to the ever-evolving field of business IP. Together, we’ll look at trends in technologies and protection; ways we can better understand and move conversations forward; and explore how diversity can play a crucial role in any drive to sustainability. Come and hear this extraordinary group share their extensive experiences and advice. We also invite you to put your own questions to them on this ‘hottest’ of topics. 

When IP and inclusivity meet sustainability – an event not to be missed!

Thursday 22 June 2023

6:00-7:00pm BST
Zoom webinar

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