A qLegal talk from Google in-house counsel at our new offices

A qLegal talk from Google in-house counsel at our new offices

Our firm has a long-standing relationship with qLegal. We worked with them to develop our free online IP resource for start-ups, IP Foundry. So, when they approached us about hosting an interactive legal session with Google we were thrilled to be involved.

A group of students attended from Queen Mary University of London’s qLegal programme. The students participated in an interactive session on issues for start-ups, led by David Shanks, Senior Counsel at Google.  David volunteers at Campus London, Google’s space for London’s start-up community, providing legal advice to start-ups.

In the session, David aimed to get the students to approach their advice to start-ups by better understanding what drives a start-up commercially.  He encouraged the students to think about the initial objectives for start-ups when launching a new product.  Following this, the students discussed the legal considerations involved in achieving these objectives.  One key message from David was that when advising start-ups one should consider how the risks and rewards of the various legal considerations faced by start-ups might influence the company’s decision-making process, and ultimately shape their business strategy.

The qLegal students will be putting this into practice when providing free legal advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs at Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre.  Our firm continues to provide training and guidance to the students involved in these clinics. More information about the advice provided by qLegal can be found here.  

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