Kilburn & Strode announces the recipients of its Innovation for All Foundation 2023 grants

Kilburn & Strode announces the recipients of its Innovation for All Foundation 2023 grants

As leading intellectual property attorneys promoting innovation, we are acutely aware of how that innovation impacts people’s lives. When you consider that we specialise in technologies ranging from new drugs to aircraft safety (and much more), we love to give back to the world and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We care about the wider innovation and technology community, which is why we donate 1% of all annual profits to the Kilburn & Strode Innovation for All Foundation – thereby giving everyone the chance to both innovate and prosper. Our company’s existence is not isolated. It’s part of a wider system of people, values, other organisations and nature.
Our firm came together to select the three successful charities, who will be using this year's grants for ''innovation for good''. We are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2023 Innovation For All yearly awards: Single Homeless Project, Certitude Support, and Animal Free Research. We are proud to be a part of helping these incredible charities, and look forward to seeing what impact the awards will have on their innovative and inspiring work.

Learn more about the amazing work of these organisations:

Single Homeless Project

Single Homeless Project is a London-wide charity. Our vision is of a society where everyone has a place to call home and the chance to live a fulfilling life.

We help single Londoners by preventing homelessnessproviding support and accommodationpromoting wellbeingenhancing opportunity, and being a voice for change.

From supporting people in crisis to helping people take the final steps towards independence and employment, we make a difference to 10,000 lives every year across all 32 boroughs.


Certitude Support

Certitude is London’s leading adult social care provider for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are proud to have supported people across London since 1990.

We believe everyone is unique. We support people to develop new skills, meet new people and live the life they want – so they can bring their own unique brilliance to the world. We all experience the world in different ways. We all have our own hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions. We believe there is strength in this diversity – and nowhere is that more evident than in London.

Animal Free Research

Our vision is to create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering.
Our purpose is to enable scientists to stop using animals in medical research. By pioneering excellence, inspiring and supporting scientists and influencing change, we will end the use of animals and improve medical research.

At Animal Free Research UK, we believe that experiments on animals are scientifically and ethically unjustifiable, and that pioneering animal free research provides the best chance of finding treatments for human diseases.

Whilst UK law enshrines the principles of the 3Rs – the replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research, Animal Free Research UK does not endorse the 3Rs. Instead, our focus is, and always has been solely on replacement – enabling scientists to stop using animals in medical research.

We only support and fund research that uses non-animal methods. We do not fund refinement or reduction research, or any research that uses animals or animal-derived biomaterials.

Congratulations again to our 2023 winners!
For more information and to hear when the 2024 application window opens, visit our Innovation For All hub

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