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Counterfeiting and how to deal with it 

The global counterfeit goods industry is estimated to be worth over US$500 billion a year, accounting for over 3% of international trade. Traditional retail store and market stall sales remain prevalent, but online sales make up an increasingly vast proportion of the total figure. Protecting your brand against offline and online fakes can be a challenge.

Why does it matter?

Counterfeiting has grown year on year since the 1980s when fake goods were more commonly watches, handbags and clothing. But with the development of technology and freight systems as well as globalised banking systems and reduced travel costs, counterfeiters now operate in all markets, from pharmaceuticals to automotive parts. The issue affects all industries and can negatively impact your company leading to:

  • Harmful products bearing your brand on the market

  • ​Damaged reputation

  • ​Reduced profits

As well as the effect on your business, counterfeiting is linked with organised crime. The purchase of counterfeit goods funds crimes such as money laundering and illicit drug distribution.

How can we help you?

There are a range of measures we can take to assist with anti-counterfeiting. Needs vary according to industry and sector, but we can tailor a strategy for your business to focus on the most pressing issues.

Measures include:

  • Customs recordal applications (AFAs)

  • Online monitoring

  • Registering with platform rights owners’ programmes

  • Civil enforcement proceedings

  • ​Working with enforcement agencies

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Rowena Tolley, Trade mark partner

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