Alex is a UK and European patent attorney specialising in electronics, engineering, and design. He has worked in the patent profession for eight years. The span of his technical background, encompassing both electronics and complex mechanical subject-matter, allows him to take on work which straddles the two fields and provide unique insight to new technology in these areas. This has been particularly important for much of his patent work in aerospace, robotics, and energy storage which often draw from multiple specialities. In addition to technical patent work, Alex provides specialist knowledge of registered designs and regularly coordinates global design filings, balancing complex filing requirements and costs.
Alex also has extensive experience of freedom-to-operate and litigation work, having supported a High Court action involving a portfolio of dozens of patents stretching back to the late 90s, and provided opinions in the crowded medical device sector.
Prior to entering the profession, Alex studied for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. His thesis, on the high strain rate testing of metals, required a deep dive into novel high speed photography techniques and optical metrology as well as the design and construction of light gas guns for high rate testing. Before this, Alex’s Master’s degree culminated in a zero emissions motorcycle entered into the Isle of Man TT race.
Whilst he was still in the engineering profession, Alex consulted for defence, energy, and GreenTech companies to provide material testing under extreme conditions. He has characterised rare alloys under ballistic loads and extreme temperatures and has carried out full scale tests of armour panels subjected to explosive blast. His software design has been used for long term and destructive battery testing and machinery he designed and built continues to be used to provide ground-breaking research in these areas.


European Patent Attorney
Chartered UK Patent Attorney
IP Litigator - Patents
Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC) (2024)
Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property – Queen Mary University London
PhD DIC – Mechanics of Materials – Imperial College London
MEng (Hons) ACGI – Master of Mechanical Engineering – Imperial College London


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)