Andrea’s working life has been at the interface between Biotechnology, Physics and Chemistry. She holds an honours degree in Physics and a DPhil in Structural Biology from Oxford University.
As a Patent Attorney, Andrea’s technical expertise spans the life sciences and extends to cross-technology areas, including amplification and sequencing technologies (next generation sequencing), antibodies and immunology, bioinformatics and genomics, epigenetics, modified and thermostable enzymes, vaccines, fermentation, and bone/cartilage regeneration.
Andrea has experience working for a wide range of clients, including universities, spinouts, SMEs and multinational corporate clients. She drafts and prosecutes applications for and in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Her clients have sought her counsel for European Patent Office opposition and appeal work, the management of European patent portfolios and advice on infringement and validity issues.
Before qualifying as a Patent Attorney, Andrea carried out independent research focussed on enzymes and viruses at a molecular level, including the binding of reaction intermediates and drug leads using techniques including time resolved crystallography. After Postdocs in the United States, she led a research group and lectured in Biochemistry at the University of Bristol followed by research at a “major player” drug discovery company.

Andrea is also an Oxford blue, and was President of the Oxford University Women’s Boat Club (1990-1991) and enjoys sugarcraft and cake-decorating – and made three tier wedding cakes for all her siblings and siblings-in-law.


Cert. IP. Queen Mary 2015
European Patent Attorney (2018)
Chartered UK Patent Attorney (2019)
Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC) (2023)


Biochemical Society
British Crystallographic Association

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Talks and Presentations

2009     British Crystallographic Association Annual Spring Meeting, York
2005     Gordon Conference, ‘Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways’, New England, USA
2005     Royal Society of Chemistry meeting, ‘Mechanistic Enzymology and Biocatalysis’, Exeter
2004     European Crystallographic Meeting 22, Budapest, Hungary
1998     Invited speaker at “Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Biology” Int. Soc. Quantum Biology and Pharmacology, Italy.
1996     Gordon Research Conf. ‘Diffraction methods’, New England; 28th Crystallography School, Erice