Daniel’s technical expertise spans a variety of high-tech fields, including telecommunications, software, electronics, signal processing, and audio and acoustic engineering.
This expertise is underpinned by his academic experience, which includes a PhD in Acoustic Signal Processing from Imperial College London. During his PhD, he developed algorithms for acoustic signal enhancement using spherical microphone arrays, and worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany, known as the ‘birthplace of MP3’. His research culminated in the publication of several articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings; in addition, he authored one of the leading books on spherical microphone array processing.
His intellectual property work primarily involves drafting and prosecuting patent applications, defending European patents in opposition proceedings, and preparing design applications. Often acting effectively as in-house counsel, he has particular experience of working closely with seed and series A stage companies to build strategically-important patent portfolios to support their future growth and fundraising. He is equally at ease prosecuting substantial patent portfolios in a consistent, streamlined manner.
He enjoys detailed work, but also relishes the challenge of explaining complicated legal concepts to clients as simply as possible. Not shy of a challenge, he shines in prosecuting difficult software patent applications, often overturning firmly negative initial opinions from the EPO.
With a keen interest in developments in the law, Daniel took an active role in shaping the 2022 improvements to the EPO’s ‘Guidelines for Examination’ on amendments required to bring the description of a patent application into conformity with the claims, and is a member of the Patents Commission of UNION-IP, an association of European intellectual property practitioners.
Daniel is a keen linguist, and speaks fluent French as well as conversational German and Italian. Having grown up in an international environment and lived in multiple countries, Daniel brings an international perspective to his work.


European Patent Attorney
Chartered UK Patent Attorney
Design Attorney
IP Litigator – Patent
Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC) (2023)
Certificate in Intellectual Property Law – Queen Mary University of London
PhD, Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Imperial College London
MEng (first class), Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Imperial College London


​Union of European Practitioners in Intellectual Property (UNION-IP) – Member of Patents Commission
Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)