Eleanor achieved a first class MPhys degree in Physics from the University of Warwick in 2019. Her Master’s research project was in applied physics, in which she designed, fabricated and evaluated a new type of flexural transducer for generating and detecting acoustic waves. While at university, Eleanor completed a research project at CERN in Switzerland, verifying a newly speculated decay mode of the Higgs boson.
Eleanor then went on to achieve a distinction in her MRes in Delivering Quantum Technologies at University College London in 2020. She studied a range of topics including quantum devices, computation, error correction and communication. In her master’s project she simulated and optimised a new type of solid-state emitter optical microcavity for the purposes of quantum networks in collaboration with the University of Oxford.
After university, Eleanor worked at an innovative engineering company for nearly two years. She spent time in multiple divisions at the company: additive manufacturing, optical encoders, Raman spectroscopy and laser calibration. Eleanor gained experience in software development, optics lab work, and worked with the in-house IP team to apply for a patent for her invention enabling the detection of damage to the optical window of additive manufacturing machines. Eleanor was also an avid STEM ambassador and set up an Early Careers Network, helping new employees to connect and organising frequent networking events. Outside of work, Eleanor is a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer, competing in the university and open circuits around the UK.


MRes in Delivering Quantum Technologies, University College London (2020) - Distinction
MPhys in Physics, University of Warwick (2019) – 1st Class

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