Jake completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Leeds, where his research focused on finding efficient algorithms for computationally hard problems on mathematical objects called graphs. He now puts to work his skills and expertise in this area by drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to algorithms, computer hardware and software, semiconductors, telecommunications, and optical computing.
Before his postgraduate studies, Jake graduated with a first class honours degree in Computer Science (BSc), where he gained a broad understanding of software development. During this time he also worked as a software developer, first developing an application for the storage and visualisation of fibre networks, and later as a front-end developer for a company that makes time-lapse films.
Jake joined Kilburn & Strode in 2022 and is currently training to become a European and UK patent attorney in the Tech group.


PhD Computer Science, University of Leeds (2022)
BSc Computer Science (1st class honours), University of Leeds (2018)