Jo is a partner in the chemistry team at Kilburn & Strode and has over 24 years of experience in representing clients before the European Patent Office.

Throughout this period, Jo has worked in the specialty (performance) chemicals sector and her experience includes small molecule actives and formulations for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, engineered polymers, dispersants, coatings, lubricant/fuel additives, additives for drilling/fracturing fluids, silicates for refractory cements, coatings, cleaning and personal care applications, and printing inks. The specialty chemicals market is complex and competitive. Jo has considerable expertise in acting for her clients before the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal at the EPO and is known for her thorough and strategic approach to these contentious inter partes proceedings.

Jo has a strong physical chemistry background and this is reflected in her experience with soft condensed matter in the technologies mentioned above, and also in her experience working with food processing technology (manufacture of cheese), fuel cell technology (including polymer electrolyte membranes and electrode catalysts), batteries, gas sensors, solar cells, LED technology (including thermally activated delayed fluorescence compounds) and materials such as glass fibres. Jo's experience includes working with wound care technology and biocide detergents.

Jo’s day-to-day practice involves drafting, prosecution, EPO opposition/appeal work and opinion work on freedom-to-operate. Jo has experience in managing large corporate multi-jurisdictional portfolios and in obtaining, maintaining and developing IP positions for start-ups, SMEs and universities. Prior to working in private practice, Jo had experience working in-house at BP Chemicals, (before the acquisition of the olefins and derivatives business by Ineos).

Doing impressive work in the specialty chemicals sector, Jo Bradley is an acute strategist who thinks long term to deliver the best results for her clientele. She has an impressive knowledge of the industry and market, which means her advice is always spot on. - IAM Patent 1000, 2024

Jo’s filing, prosecution and strategic advice is consistently excellent. Her ability to understand a university’s patent-related drivers is impressive. Jo also has an enviable ability to work with a range of leading academics. Her support is always timely and incisive. - IAM Patent 1000, 2023


European Patent Attorney (1999)
Chartered UK Patent Attorney (1999)
MSc in Management of Intellectual Property, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
PhD (chemistry - UHV study of ammonia oxidation on Pt{100} using supersonic molecular beams), University of Cambridge
MA, BA Hons Natural Sciences (chemistry), University of Cambridge


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)

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