Lauren graduated from the University of York in 2023. Throughout her degree, Lauren studied a broad range of topics including modules in Medical Physics, Biophysics, High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing. 

For her final year MPhys project, Lauren worked within the Condensed Matter Theory group at the university. Here, she gained insight into theoretical techniques used for structural calculations and searches. She chose a computationally focussed final year project, developing code to implement and test an improved geometry optimisation algorithm for a DFT based program.  

Lauren applied her technical knowledge to industry during an R&D internship in 2022. Here, she contributed to the development of software used for material modelling. This role provided her with experience of software development practices in industry, focussing on both front end and back end development.  

Lauren joined Kilburn and Strode in the Tech&Eng group in 2023 and is currently training to become a UK and European qualified Patent Attorney.  


MPhys Theoretical Physics – University of York (2023) 

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