Nathan graduated from the University of Bristol with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Electronics. His final year research project investigated the use of near infrared spectroscopy for blood oxygenation monitoring in neonatal infants.
Alongside his studies, Nathan has also spent time working in industry researching the use of blockchain and other types of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) for smart city IoT applications. During this time he worked on an industrial placement research project that contributed to his university studies as well as two published conference papers and a patent application focused on the use of DAG based DLT and smart contracts for smart city P2P energy trading with IoT devices. Experiencing intellectual property from the perspective of an inventor motivated Nathan to pursue a career as a patent attorney himself.
Nathan’s academic and industry knowledge, as well as his first-hand experience as an inventor, enables him to provide advice to clients in a spread of areas including AI, software and blockchain technologies. He has a particular interest in fields where technology has the potential to cause a large societal impact on our everyday lives, such as smart city and medical technologies.
Nathan is a trainee in our tech sector, joining Kilburn and Strode in October 2022, and is currently training to become a European and UK patent attorney.


MEng Computer Science and Electronics


EPI student member