An expert in electrochemistry, Nico's cross-sector practice spans sustainable technology, healthcare and software. He also leverages his commercial acumen from working within a technology transfer and venture capital enterprise to offer focused, strategic advice to his clients. Nico adeptly handles contentious matters, due diligence and freedom-to-operate opinions for start-ups to multinationals at the forefront of emerging technologies including batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen production, water purification, photochemistry, display technology, advanced materials and diagnostics.
Nico graduated with a first-class degree and PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College London, going on to post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford investigating the electrochemical and frictional characteristics of carbon nanomaterials, and authoring several research articles. Working at a university technology transfer office and venture capital fund he specialised in invention capture, budget management and evaluation of commercial opportunities before joining Kilburn & Strode. He is fluent in Finnish and Portuguese. 


European Patent Attorney 
Chartered UK Patent Attorney
PhD, Chemistry – Imperial College London (2013)
MSci, Chemistry – Imperial College London (2009)
Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property – Queen Mary University of London


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)

Innovation Capture 101, Kilburn & Strode (2019) 
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