Q&A: Susan Miller, Retired small business founder & owner

Q&A: Susan Miller, Retired small business founder & owner

International Women's Day: An interview with Susan Miller, Retired small business founder & owner

1. Can you name one woman who has inspired you (in your field or other), and why?​
Her Majesty the Queen.
Her devotion to duty, never putting a foot wrong, always remaining calm under pressure, always dressing to the occasion, loyalty to her people.
3. What are your top tips to other women to succeed?
Self-discipline, keeping your eye on the ball at all times, dressing smartly for the occasion, discretion.
4. How do you celebrate successes, your own and those of others?
Praise your team, have a celebratory party and give pay rises if earned by your staff.
5. What wisdom would you have told your younger self, if you had the chance.
To be more adventurous and take up more challenges.
6. Are women-led events and groups useful?
Yes.  Women can be more relaxed and open with dealing with their own sex.
7. What is your advice to others to achieve a work / life balance?
Work hard but have some hobbies and sports to take up the slack time. Remember to have fun too.
8. How can an organisation encourage gender equality, inclusion and diversity?
Advertising and recruiting for women at all levels in your company and make sure everyone is included including the shy ones. Encourage everyone to come forward with new ideas.
9. What can we as individuals do to create a future of gender balance?
Make sure recruitment is fair and equal between sexes through all levels in a company and that no sexist or bullying behaviour is tolerated.   

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