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IP and Patent protection. We’re empirically unrivalled.

Clients look to us for our impressive track record of success. Whether it’s navigating large-scale industrial processes or developing small molecule therapeutics, our breadth and depth of experience is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on exceptional service to our clients. When it comes to relationships, it’s all about the chemistry. 

Patent attorneys with hands-on chemistry expertise.

We provide the correct formula. Our chemistry and chemical engineering attorneys have advanced academic and practical experience. Whatever the focus, from pharmaceuticals to plastics, coolants to catalysts, industrial processes to scientific equipment, we have the expertise. We work on technologies such as CFC replacements, polymers, nanomaterials, batteries and food technology, providing expert advice on protecting everything from agrochemicals to cosmetics. We have experience of protecting manufacturing, smelting and recycling processes, as well as working in the fields of renewable energy, carbon capture and concrete production. Our portfolio has no limits. Combined, we possess the knowledge and experience to advise on all the key technologies and IP matters in the chemistry field. 

Specialist IP advice that adapts to your business needs

Our Chemistry team provides a full spectrum of services, bringing extensive experience in contentious proceedings, such as European Patent Office (EPO) oppositions and appeals, infringement and freedom to operate opinions, due diligence, reports for public listings and specialist support on worldwide litigation. All this is in addition to our strong prosecution and dependable practice.

Make Kilburn & Strode your trusted partner for UK and European patents.

We believe in creating enduring relationships. We earned our position as high-profile patent and trade mark attorneys in Europe by taking great care in getting to know our clients and their businesses and aspirations. As their trusted partners, our clients come to us for our commercially-minded, no-nonsense advice. Our relationships with our clients have expanded over time, leading, in many cases, to us coordinating their global patent portfolios.

The advice offered is always of a highly practical nature, enabling us to quickly make business decisions based on their direction.

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