While it may not always be immediately evident to spectators, technical innovation in sports is playing a growing role in delivering improved individual and team performances, better experiences for fans, and greater commercial opportunities for clubs, teams, and leagues.

IP Protection: Secure those leaps and marginal gains

The sports sector is fast paced, competitive, and exciting. Our IP attorneys love to help our clients secure protection for their brand and innovation in this field, to give them the edge they need to succeed and win.

A track record of delivering results, even under pressure

We are one of the top tier European IP firms and bring leading experience in the sports sector covering a wide range of areas, including:

  • Composite materials

  • Bikes and bike components

  • Prosthetics

  • Snow sport technologies including skiing equipment

  • Golfing equipment

  • Motorsports

  • Sports clothing

  • Sports broadcasting

  • Sports nutrition and supplements

  • Fishing equipment

  • Shooting sports equipment

  • Exercise and gym equipment

Experience, passion and clarity on your side

Our IP attorneys have a broad range of technical backgrounds, meaning we can draw expert knowledge across a diverse range of technologies, whether that be the latest carbon fibre technology, a complicated prosthetic, or a new smart health tracking device. Our experience goes from drafting patents for breakthrough concepts through to international rebranding and trade mark filing strategies.

We love what we do and our team of IP attorneys in our sports group have a true passion and enthusiasm for sports. We enjoy the detail, and getting to know our clients’ commercial objectives, so that we can provide clear and no-nonsense IP advice.

We offer the full range of services you might need, including:

  • Patent, trade mark and design protection

  • ​Strategic IP advice 

  • Freedom to operate

  • ​Brand clearance searches

  • Competitor landscaping

  • ​Due diligence and dealing with investors

  • Innovation capture

  • ​Oppositions

  • Advice on infringements

  • Dispute resolution

  • Advice on international IP protection

  • ​and much more!

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