AI and IP: Where are we headed? An industry perspective

AI and IP: Where are we headed? An industry perspective

As European patent attorneys, we work at the forefront innovation. In recent years, the commercial importance of innovation in AI has reached a stage at which protecting innovation in AI is a critical issue for most players in the field. In particular, the debate on AI and patents has attracted much interest. Given the complex intersection with AI, data, and IP, we are grateful to have the opportunity to talk with thought leaders about the issues that matter right now.
Joined by Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Anita Shaw - Europe Regulatory Lead for IP (AI, Data, Copyright) & Cybersecurity at IBM, partner and AI lead Alexander Korenberg explores current hot topics. Anita and Alexander share their insights into the world of AI and its relationship with IP in this engaging discussion.
Anita shares the methods and processes behind protecting IBM’s AI technology, explaining her job at IBM involves working very closely with the current regulators for AI, data and cybersecurity. She shares her thoughts on the current state of AI regulation and where we are potentially heading. Alexander and Anita discuss whether patenting AI is any more difficult than patenting any other computer-implemented invention across different jurisdictions. Together, they discuss of the concept of ”human-centric AI”, which is central to IBM’s approach in this area. But, can AI invent? Considering the global coverage that the DABUS (Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience) cases received, they consider what relationship the law should have with technological development in driving change.

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About Anita

Anita Shaw is a computer scientist and has over 20 years’ experience in protecting AI innovation at IBM – one of the world’s most innovative companies and a major player in this field. She is also a Chartered UK & European Patent Attorney which helped to teach her wide-ranging skills required in protecting multiple forms of IP as well as sharp-focussed, commercial experience in monetising IP through deals, collaborations and licensing.

About Alex

Alexander Korenberg is a computational neuroscientist, patent attorney and partner at Kilburn & Strode LLP leading the firm’s AI team. He is known for implementing transformative patent strategies across a range of fields including AI and excellent, business-oriented advice, and has been described by clients as a “star choice”.

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