AI Inventors and beyond – The DABUS saga

AI Inventors and beyond – The DABUS saga

The question of AI inventorship and specifically the DABUS patent applications have received some more attention: DABUS was recognised as AI inventor in South Africa and Australia. The English Court of Appeal has been hearing the appeal from the refused DABUS patent in the UK and the decision is eagerly awaited. These decisions will likely have a significant future impact, but I find it astonishing that each panel seemingly accepted the notion that DABUS indeed made an invention without much questioning. Having read the DABUS papers left both me (PhD in Computational Neuroscience, including work with some of the machine learning pioneers) and my colleagues (including a recent PhD in machine learning) none the wiser. We are certainly looking forward to the details of all these legal decisions that will define the factual finding that DABUS is an inventor making an invention without human intervention (rather than a potentially sophisticated tool used by a human inventor). 

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