Introducing our AI in Healthcare series

Introducing our AI in Healthcare series

Over the past ten years, without many of us realising until recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key player in our society. From linguistic software helping us to express ourselves more clearly, to algorithms designed to help us freshen up our playlists, AI is instrumental in making our everyday lives easier.
Whilst some might only perceive AI as a basic tool for automating routine tasks, AI also has the potential to help us live longer, healthier, and happier lives. For example, Accident & Emergency departments in the UK have trialled the use of AI to improve staff deployment and reduce backlogs for non-urgent operations. Elsewhere, in academic institutions, start-ups and pharma companies around the world, AI models are being used to discover and develop drugs, for example to generate in silico data for drug development and to predict drug-target interactions.
Broadly speaking, the applications of AI in Healthcare can be categorized into four areas: patient support technologies, telehealth, research, and clinician support technologies. The Bioinformatics and Digital Health team at Kilburn & Strode is producing short updates delving into recent innovations, future directions, and patentability issues in all of these areas.
If you enjoy our series and wish to discuss any of the related content or are interested in protecting your own innovation in these areas, do reach out to our Bioinformatics and Digital Health team.

First installment: AI in Medical Imaging

Our next installment highlights promising advances in the use of AI in the field of medical imaging. 
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