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Where can I find a cross sector patent attorney?

We understand that many technologies do not fit neatly into any one category. Neither do we. Our strong interdisciplinary teams of attorneys have deep cross-sector expertise to provide a tailored offering to our clients who straddle the boundaries of different technology areas. Whether it’s smart devices, AI (in drug discovery, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, genetic analysis, or other areas), computational chemistry or digital healthcare, we can advise you on the IP issues in relation to every aspect of your technology. 

We’re a European patent attorney firm with a global presence.

Our teams of attorneys always provide a diverse blend of experience and insight from different practice areas. This ensures that we provide maximum value in relation to your portfolio, by identifying issues that might not be immediately visible. Our clients’ needs are always our top priority, whether that’s advising on freedom to operate for a digital healthcare app or working together on a filing strategy that takes account of worldwide patent prosecution considerations for a software-implemented diagnostic device. 

Cross sector: Where Technology meets IP patent protection.

Our intelligence is anything but artificial. With academic backgrounds and experience in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and neural networks, we have the right experts to work with you on your most cutting-edge technologies. We stay ahead of the curve, regularly hosting and attending cross-tech IP events and searching out the brightest and best graduates in the newest technology areas to train with us.
Setting a landmark precedent with The State Bar of California, we’re proud to be the first European IP firm to have European attorneys on the ground in San Francisco. This means that we've got our fingers on the pulse of Silicon Valley, one of the world’s burgeoning innovation capitals.

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