Kilburn & Strode launches Innovation for All Foundation on World IP Day 2018

Kilburn & Strode launches Innovation for All Foundation on World IP Day 2018

On World IP Day 2018, Kilburn & Strode launches our Innovation for All Foundation. Charitable in nature, 1% of annual profits now provide support and resource to get most creative ideas and brilliant visions off the ground. 

Kilburn & Strode enables change: Innovation for All Foundation.

Since 1906, we've helped the best organisations protect their technology and brands in the most competitive markets. Now, we're enabling a new generation of brilliance to take off to their full potential and spark innovative, positive change in our world (and beyond.)

“I’m proud to be part of Europe's most innovative and forward-thinking IP firm that continues to push the boundaries of what can be delivered to clients, employees, and now the wider community,” states partner Nick Shipp. “We already work with some of the most successful and innovative global companies and brands, but with this new venture we’re giving a chance to a new emerging generation to become the next success story.”

Partner Kristina Cornish continues, “We're thrilled to launch such an impactful initiative and we can't wait to see the diverse ideas generated and the brilliance that they'll bring. That is something to be truly proud of.”

The sky’s the limit!

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