Kilburn & Strode pro bono activity for NHS Charity leads to successful appeal

Kilburn & Strode pro bono activity for NHS Charity leads to successful appeal

Kilburn & Strode partners and attorneys are deeply committed to engaging in pro bono activities. Our dedication to helping individuals and communities obtain justice for their patents and trade mark disputes is one of the stand-out reasons why many clients choose to work with us.
Recently, trade mark partner Carrollanne Lindley, one of the top 250 Women in IP, has successfully advocated to secure acceptance on two marks used in relation to a charity set up specifically to support key workers in the NHS who have been mentally affected by Covid-19.


About the applicant

The applicant is a Senior Consultant Anaesthetist at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital. As the COVID-19 situation evolved, the hospital has been braving the frontline alongside a workforce of 4,000 nurses, doctors and trainees.

Together, they seek to create a charity that, through donations, will put on a series of musical events, with any merchandise sales going to support the mission statement, much in the vein of Live-Aid and hopefully culminate in such an iconic event. As a result of Carrollanne’s determination to overcome an objection based on public policy grounds, they managed to secure acceptance of applications for the marks COVID-AIDLIFE and COV-AIDLIFE Rainbow Heart logo in the United Kingdom.

The mission statement from the charity

The foundation aims to support NHS key workers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and help them return to work while making them feel valued. The charity hopes to play a crucial role within the NHS while remaining fully in line with public policy.

Expert advice has been provided on a pro bono basis wholly to ensure that the charity name and logo are fully protected from any third-party rogues, protect against mis-representation and/or counterfeit sales of goods and that all donations and contributions are correctly and morally distributed.

Needless to say, the client was absolutely thrilled with the results of their appeal and gave us full rights to disclose the exciting news. The objections Carrollanne overcame were crucial to winning the hearing, which took place on Thursday, 18 March 2021.

Social impact at Kilburn & Strode

As momentum can now begin to gather, stay tuned for more details of the charity’s campaign in the near future. In the meantime, click here to see how else Kilburn & Strode encourages employees to support the charities and charitable activities of their choice.

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