The Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Best Companies’ recognises Kilburn & Strode with a 2-star ranking

The Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Best Companies’ recognises Kilburn & Strode with a 2-star ranking


Kilburn & Strode has been recognised as a 2-star company in The Sunday Times - Best Companies Survey. Trainee Patent Attorney Daniel Wood gives us an overview of how we got here and what this means.

We took part in the Best Companies Survey and have been recognised as a 2-star company.  We are proud of this result because it shows how changes we have made since first taking part in the Best Companies survey in 2018, have made a real improvement to our colleagues’ work-lives.  
Best Companies is the most well-known employer rating scheme in the UK.  It measures how engaged a workforce is by asking each employee to take part in a survey on how they feel about where they work.  
We have been taking the Best Companies Survey for the last three years because the answers we get help us to find ways to improve. We tried hard to the listen to what our colleagues had to say about the firm in last year’s survey and make meaningful changes. 
Some changes have altered the way we work every day, such as offering agile working to all employees so that we can work from home. Our Innovation for All Foundation made its first donations and we were able to see the impact that made, on the causes we supported.  We also made the “Time to Change” Pledge and offered training and seminars to change the way we think about mental health at work. In each case, we have tried to do things to make Kilburn & Strode something that we are all proud to be a part of.
Our ultimate goal is to make it onto The Sunday Times list of best companies to work for. That is an ambitious goal, so we are reviewing this year’s survey results and asking more questions to understand which changes made a real impact and where we have missed the mark.  It is exciting that there are still many things we have to improve – it will not necessarily be easy to reach this goal, but things that are worthwhile often take time.
So, we look forward to taking part in the Best Companies Survey again because providing an engaging working environment is the best way to show how much we value the vibrant and talented community at Kilburn & Strode.

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