Software – it’s everywhere

In the 21st century it has become almost impossible to do anything, from business to shopping and even socialising without using software. Due to the omnipresence of software in our lives and a never-ending line of new applications for software, the innovation in this space is huge.

Your challenges – we love them!

If you know even a little about patents and software, you will know is that obtaining software patents can be tricky. We have vast experience in obtaining software patents from before the rise of the internet through to the present day.
The European Patent Office (EPO) is known for having one of the strictest approaches to assessing software patentability globally. We are EPO experts, and we like to use this to our advantage. By knowing how to get the most difficult software patents granted at the EPO, we are not only sought by leading companies throughout the world, and especially in the home of software – Silicon Valley, to get those tricky cases granted, but also to manage global portfolios. That’s because, as experts in the hardest place to get software patents granted, we are best placed to draft and manage global portfolios that will succeed throughout the world. So, whilst some of the strict practices of the EPO might be a challenge to you, it’s a challenge we love – bring it on!

Technically, we’re hardcore

Whether it is AI for a self-driving car, a new graphical user interface, a fintech platform, a communications tool, a music streaming site through to a flight path navigation system, we have got a patent granted. For us, the trick is to get to the bottom of how your new innovation works, how the software interacts with the hardware, and how a new, improved technical innovation is produced.
With our Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and PhDs in computer science, machine learning, and electronic engineering, we have the technical depth of knowledge to get to the heart of how software provides a technical improvement. Furthermore, with many of our team also having worked as software engineers prior to joining the patent profession we talk the language of your engineers making working together easy.

Experience is king

For any software to succeed, a brand that your users remember and relate to is critical for success. Our trade mark attorneys can advise you on the various considerations needed before launching a brand, and will guide you through issues that may arise as your business grows.
Often, aspects of a user interface, which can help provide a distinctive and memorable user experience can be extremely valuable assets. That’s where our design attorneys will ensure these assets are protected in the broadest way possible – everything from unique user interface screens or elements to distinctive screen saver animations.

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