A diverse industry reliant on IP protection

As semiconductor technology permeates into ever more diverse aspects of our lives, the opportunities for innovation are ever greater. The industry continues to enjoy advances in mainstream microchips for computing and telecommunications, alongside exciting developments focused on a huge range of specific applications, from AI to automotive, from the IOT to quantum computers. On top of this, semiconductor devices used in optoelectronics, solar energy generation, display technology amongst many other fields continue to yield advances in materials, device structures and manufacturing processes.

Breadth and depth of technical expertise

Our attorneys have experience across the semiconductor industry. We have attorneys with academic backgrounds throughout Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science. Some have worked as technical specialists before entering the patent profession, and all have gained extensive knowledge and understanding through their work with clients in the sector. The size of the team, along with the diversity of their background, means that we are able to select attorneys to match the needs of clients no matter where their technical focus may be.

Skilled advocates and pragmatic managers

Our team includes attorneys with long experience of EPO opposition and appeal procedure, who are frequently asked to take over responsibility for complex and high value cases. The team is equally equipped to manage high volume portfolios efficiently and effectively, advising on and adopting strategies that streamline workloads and ensure cost effectiveness. In either case, our teams direct highly skilled advice in targeted ways that secure the right strategic outcomes for our clients.   

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