Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI is changing the technological landscape at global scale and rapid pace

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are a cornerstone of most new technologies and a platform for innovation in all fields. They are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution and will become even more omnipresent in the future, in ways we will notice and in some we won’t: from a fridge that learns your food habits to take care of the weekly food shop, to supply chain management in global corporations; from to wearable technology that can save lives to understanding diseases and finding new drugs.

We make it reality

Patenting AI and ML can be complex. Our wealth of experience across the breadth of AI innovation allows us to guide you through the process and optimise your chances of success at the patent office. We are here to make the complex simple.

We are recognised thought-leaders in the AI space, with academic backgrounds including PhDs in computational neuroscience and in machine learning from world-leading institutions. We have the legal and the technical expertise that is needed to protect your most cutting-edge technologies.

We’ve prosecuted hundreds of patent applications relating to AI and ML. We know the case law. We’ve helped shape the patent office training materials when it comes to AI inventions. From using deep learning for drug repurposing, to neural nets for medical image segmentation, to reasoning models for self-driving vehicles – we’ve seen it all, and what’s more, we’ve patented it.

On the pulse of AI and IP

We’re proud to be the first European IP firm to have European attorneys on the ground in San Francisco, one of the worldwide capitals of AI and ML research. This means that we're on the pulse of Silicon Valley and can easily reach our clients in the Bay Area. Our London headquarters is supported by our offices in Munich and The Hague which are ideally situated for oral proceedings held at the European Patent Office.

Our team of AI experts have a wealth of experience patenting artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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