Optics & Photonics

Optical and photonic inventions are driving the modern-day technological revolution. From medical treatments to telecommunications, from materials processing to displays and from photovoltaics to measurement & inspection, the generation, control and detection of light is behind the innovation of tomorrow. If your technology relates to light, we are here to help your IP portfolio shine.

Lighting the way in the world of patents

Whether it is illuminating a path through the patent system for SMEs or casting light on the patent landscape to inform the board on the risks associated with releasing a new product line, we guide the way with our extensive experience in patent prosecution, oppositions and appeals, and infringement risk assessments (FTO). Our optics team has collectively prosecuted thousands of patent applications, attacked and defended scores of patents in oppositions, successfully overturned dozens of decisions in appeal and carried out numerous FTO projects.

We’re on your wavelength

We’re not just legally qualified: all of our attorneys on this team have academic or industry backgrounds in the field of optics & photonics. From Masters to PhDs and from postdocs to industry placements, as well as long exposure to clients’ needs in the area, we have experience in the many means and ways in which light is generated, channeled, manipulated, combined, absorbed and detected to build products and processes that are used the world over.

Focussing on what matters for IP protection

We know our clients want quality work and we love delivering it. Quality need not necessarily equate to expense, however, and we know that focussing on the most important things helps to manage costs. We fight hard for our clients’ rights every step of the way but we never shy away from being open and honest if a case has a low chance of success or if your money is better spent in other areas of your portfolio. We find out what matters to your business and we shape our approach to handling your IP around that.

Clarity and transparency

We pride ourselves on clear communication. Whether we are persuading an examiner on a technical or legal issue, or providing advice that is easy to digest and act upon, we put clarity of communication front and centre. We also strive to be as transparent as possible with our clients on the opportunities as well as the risks and costs associated with handling a patent portfolio, drafting a new application or managing a larger project. We never forget that you are in the driving seat – our role is to display clear controls right where you need them and then carry out your instructions to the very best of our creativity and ability.